• CC Mindfulness
    CC Mindfulness
    CC Mindfulness - Pause, Breathe  and Find Inner Peace

    Pause, Breathe and Find Inner Peace

    We can all struggle to understand why we think, react and behave in the way we do. CC Mindfulness provides a safe, secure environment to explore your internal world, inviting you to become more aware and understanding of your own feelings and how they shape the perceptions of you and your experiences.

  • CC Mindfulness - Stress and Anxiety
    Stress and
    CC Mindfulness - Stress and Anxiety

    Stress and Anxiety

    Relationships, work and health are common factors that can cause us to feel stressed and anxious about the future. Mindfulness encourages us to engage with those feelings, allowing us to shift how we relate to ourselves and the world we experience, with a healthier, more balanced approach.

    CC Mindfulness
    Colin Chapman Humanistic Counselling
  • CC Mindfulness - Low mood and Depression
    Low Mood and Depression
    CC Mindfulness - Low mood and Depression

    Low Mood and Depression

    Many of us may feel trapped in psychological distress about our past experiences, convinced they predict a bleak and unavoidable future. Practicing mindfulness allows us to become more engaged with the present moment, liberating us from the conditions that may shackle us, allowing us to be more open to the possibilities the future may offer.

    CC Mindfulness
    Colin Chapman Humanistic Counselling
  • CC Mindfulness - Mental and Physical Health
    Mental and Physical Health
    CC Mindfulness - Mental and Physical Health

    Mental and Physical Health

    Mindfulness invites us to observe the world inside of us and outside of us with inordinate care, allowing us to develop a greater awareness and understanding of our own mental and physical processes, enabling us to experience a clearer view of ourselves and the world we inhabit.

    CC Mindfulness
    Colin Chapman Humanistic Counselling
  • [ About ]

    There may be occasions in our lives when we struggle to make sense of what is happening to us and the world we experience. Depression, anxieties, stress and traumatic moments are some of many unforeseen events, that can all change the way we see ourselves and the life we are living.

    CC Mindfulness provides an opportunity to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences in an environment that is free of fears and judgements. Mindfulness promotes an inherent tendency, in all of us, to become more aware of our present and on going experiences. Practicing mindfulness invites us to become more aware and understanding of our internal processes - thoughts, feelings and behaviors - that elicits an ever-deepening way of being, that opens up and welcomes possibilities that are as yet unknown.

    CC Mindfulness offers a relationship of trust, honesty and openness that allows you to explore your inner world in a safe, supportive, confidential place, free of external influences and judgement, providing an opportunity for personal insight and change

  • [ Approach ]

    CC Mindfulness places you at the heart of the process, encouraging a greater sense of well-being for your body and mind. Your story is unique to you and therefore holds the narrative of how you see yourself and the world you experience. Exploring your thoughts, feelings and behaviours with compassion and acceptance, will allow you to make healthier, more informed choices for you, that we believe will enable you to experience a more balanced and understanding perspective of you, the life you have lived and the experiences yet to come.

    CC Mindfulness - Colin Chapman

    CC Mindfulness is founded by Colin Chapman, a qualified humanistic counsellor and Registered Member of BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy). Qualifications Include: BA (Hons) Humanistic Counselling, Dip. Humanistic Counselling, HE Dip. Medicine, NCFE Cert. Mental Health Awareness. Colin also works within the NHS Trust as part of the Macmillan cancer support team, having previously spent a number of years working with MIND, one of the UK's leading mental health charities, offering therapy for a wide range of client issues.

    Colin has been practicing Tai-Chi (often referred to as meditation through movement), for over 7 years. He continues to study and be influenced by Eastern and Western philosophies, including Buddhism, Taoism, Stoicism, Epicurism, Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology, that shape his therapeutic methods and practices.

    As a Registered Member of BACP, CC Mindfulness works in accordance with the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions 2018, providing an assurance for clients that the service they receive is bound by professional and ethical standards.

  • [ Questions ]

    What is Mindfulness?

    Mindfulness is a process that invites us to pay greater attention to our present and ongoing experiences. It encourages us to be curious about our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, free of personal, societal and familial judgements. The practice of mindfulness increases our awareness of how our feelings dictate our thoughts and behaviours, allowing us to shift how we respond and behave. As we become more engaged with our own internal processes, so we are able to make better informed, healthier and more balanced choices of how to respond to our external experiences.

    Meditation supports the practice and process of mindfulness, by allowing the mind and body to experience a mindful state, free of external distractions. The more familiar we become with being mindful in meditation, the more mindful we may become in our every day experiences. Meditation encourages and invites us to pay uninhibited attention to ourselves, with a curious, non-judgmental fascination of our feelings - not avoiding them or embracing them, simply being with them, close to them and engaging with them. As we become more intimate with ourselves, an ever deepening process of understanding and awareness of our direct experiences to the world emerges.

    Mindfulness invites us to observe our internal and external worlds with inordinate care.

    Can Mindfulness Help Me?

    Mindfulness can benefit anyone. The practice and process of Mindfulness allows us to break free of the judgements we may place on ourselves, others and the world we observe. As we become more aware of, intimate with and attuned to, our own processes, so we become more able to shift the perceptions we hold of ourselves and others, allowing us to see the world with the clearest possible view, opening up fresh possibilities that were previously unknown.

    Mindfulness is not something we achieve, it is an ongoing process that allows us to become ever more mindful of our internal and external experiences, rewarding us with an ever deepening way of being.

    How long will I need mindfulness sessions for?

    The length of time people spend attending mindfulness sessions is unique to them. For some the sessions provide an ongoing opportunity to escape external distractions, allowing them to dedicate time to becoming more mindful. For others, a few sessions are enough to enable them to continue to practice mindfulness in their own space and time.

    Do you offer Individual and Group Sessions?

    CC Mindfulness offers 1 hour sessions for individuals, couples and small groups. Individual: £50.00 per session
    Couples: £65.00 per session
    Groups (Inc. Corporate): please contact for further information.

    What areas do you cover?

    West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. Private rooms avilable at Alton and Lindford. Parking is available at both locations. External visits for groups are available.

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    Links British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy Visit Alton Pain Clinic Engage with your inner self and the world around you For better mental health Macmillan Cancer Support

  • [ Contact ]

    Private, comfortable rooms based at:
    70 High Street, Alton GU34 1ET. [SEE MAP]
    , Hampshire.
    Private parking available at both locations.

    E: colin@cctherapyandmindfulness.co.uk
    T: 0330 133 1033 | M: 07542 416 260