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    A holistic approach to well-being

    We are all, each of us, a product of our experiences and the narrative we tell ourselves. CC Therapy provides a safe, secure environment to explore your story, offering understanding, compassion and awareness with the hope and belief that you are able to write a new story of your own choosing and find more balance in your life.

  • Depression


    I'm lost in a forest, so dark and so deep,
    I just want to curl up in everlasting sleep.
    Wherever I turn I can't see a way out,
    I no longer know what my life is about.
    I feel so helpless in this cold, lonely place,
    The light is so dim it's getting harder to trace.
    This forest is full of so much sadness and pain,
    I no longer think I'll find happiness again.

    Colin Chapman Humanistic Counselling
  • Pic


    I feel so scared & afraid of whatever might be,
    my chest is so tight & my breathing suffocates me.
    I feel like a bird without wings & I am unable to fly,
    I am a fish without fins & I'm going to drown and die.
    I am trapped & paralyzed in my own thought and doubt,
    I feel safer in my cage & so I'll never venture out.

    Colin Chapman Humanistic Counselling
  • Pic


    They have left this world a final goodbye,
    No longer will I hear them speak laugh or cry.
    The hole they have left could never be filled,
    My world has gone quiet my body has stilled.
    The people I meet don't know what to say,
    I hear "sorry for your loss" repeated day after day.
    Does the haunting thought of never seeing them again,
    Mean I am destined to live my life full of sadness and pain?

    Colin Chapman Humanistic Counselling
  • Pic


    I feel it's presence each and every passing day,
    The memories and pain that will never go away.
    I am damaged and hurt beyond what you can see,
    There are secrets I keep deep down inside of me.
    It is a part of my life that you may never know,
    I am unable to escape from its long dark shadow.

    Colin Chapman Humanistic Counselling
  • [ About ]

    There may be occasions in our lives when we struggle to make sense of what is happening to us and the world we experience. Depression, anxieties, stress, loss of a loved one and traumatic moments are some of many unforeseen events, that can all change the way we see ourselves and the life we are living.

    CC Therapy provides an opportunity to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences within a relationship that is free of the fears we may hold about disclosing to people we know. We offer a relationship of trust, honesty and openness that allows you to explore your story, thoughts, hopes and fears, in a safe, supportive, confidential place, free of external influences and judgement, providing an opportunity for personal insight and change.

  • [ Approach ]

    CC Therapy offers an integrative approach to counselling and psychotherapy that places you at the heart of the process, encouraging a greater sense of well-being for your body and mind. Your story is unique to you and therefore holds the narrative of how you see yourself and the world you experience. Exploring your history, with compassion and acceptance, will allow you to make healthier, more informed choices for you, that we believe will enable you to experience a more balanced and understanding perspective of you, the life you have lived and the experiences yet to come.

    Colin Chapman

    CC Therapy is founded by Colin Chapman, a qualified humanistic counsellor and Registered Member of BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy).
    Qualifications Include: BA (Hons) Humanistic Counselling, Dip. Humanistic Counselling, HE Dip. Medicine, NCFE Cert. Mental Health Awareness.

    CC Therapy offers individual therapy to anyone that may be experiencing challenges in their life that may include depression, anxiety, abuse, loss, trauma, stress, anger, addictions, eating disorders and relationship difficulties. Colin also works within the NHS Trust as part of the Macmillan cancer support team, having previously spent a number of years working with MIND, one of the UK's leading mental health charities, offering therapy for a wide range of client issues.

    As a Registered Member of BACP, CC Therapy works in accordance with the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions 2018, providing an assurance for clients that the service they receive is bound by professional and ethical standards.

  • [ Questions ]
    Can Therapy Help Me?

    Unravelling how we feel, think and behave is a challenging process for anyone. Often the first casualty is honesty, as we are often concerned with how we may be received or thought of by others, especially those that are close to us. Therapy provides a safe, supportive, honest environment that invites you to explore you and your world openly, absent of the fear of judgement or consequence of revealing ourselves to others.

    How long will I need therapy for?

    The length of time people spend in therapy is as unique to them as their story. It is for the client to choose when they feel they no longer wish to continue with therapy.

    What issues can CC Therapy help me with?

    Psychological and physical distress are often complex and many of the experiences we feel are symptoms of underlying issues yet explored. Depression, anxiety, stress, abuse (sexual, physical, psychological), loss, trauma, addictions and relationship breakdowns are all examples of issues that often require a healing process that a safe, supportive, honest and compassionate therapeutic relationship can provide.

    What types of therapy do you offer?

    CC Therapy offers counselling/ therapy to individuals. A free 30-minute consultation is offered to allow us to meet and if you choose to proceed with therapy each session is 50 minutes at a cost of £50.00 per session. Individual therapy usually takes place weekly, however more or less frequent sessions are available if appropriate.

    What areas do you cover?

    West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. Private rooms avilable at Alton and Lindford. Parking is available at both locations.

  • [ Links ]

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  • [ Contact ]

    Private, comfortable rooms based at:
    70 High Street, Alton GU34 1ET. [SEE MAP]
    , West Sussex.
    Private parking available at both locations.

    E: colin@cctherapyandmindfulness.co.uk
    T: 0330 133 1033 | M: 07542 416 260